Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Seriously I'd Sell My Kidneys First

Yes, I'm finally really truly working on The Comic. Already I've got the art for 4-6 weeks of updates done. I'm not saying Now comes the scary bit: lettering.

I am Not Good At This. Yes, I could bully Letterbot 5000 into doing it for me, but the thing is, I'm also not good at writing-for-lettering. I am myself a fairly verbose and long winded sort; writing how I speak works wonderfully well in text, where a generous portion of descriptives and a fondness for emotional intensifiers can have room to grow. But in a comic every place text is happening is a place images aren't. I'm not shy of walls o' text- one of my favorite comics ever, Thieves and Kings, uses that technique a lot- but I want it to be a technique I use on purpose, not just the default state for my comic.

So I've been playin' with fonts (thanks, Nate Piekos of Blambot!). And I've realized I just cannot get used to typing in the standard all-caps effect of comics, so I'm using Mighty Zeo 2. If I were lettering by hand, maybe I could manage it; but computer lettering, even with nifty fonts, already takes away a lot of variation, and I can't make myself give up the lowercase option.

I also can't tell how my strips are going to read with different platforms and different hosting sites. Hence, I now begin the dance of mad experimentation!

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