Saturday, May 28, 2011

In Which My Design Work is Done For Me

It hasn't come up in the comic yet- and won't, until well into the next arc- but I've nonetheless put some serious time into creating the logo for the Green clan's doctor-houses. I wanted something recognizable like the Red Cross, but fitting more with the blood-and-thunder rah-rah-Rasa jingoism of the culture. And nothing was really quite cutting it...

And then. Suddenly. Shockingly. Browsing on Etsyly. I found THIS image:

THAT is the logo for the Texas Surgeon's society. No pansywaist cross. No implication of healing or assistance. Star. SKULL. Weapon. Screw death, Texas Surgeon's Society gonna stab death in the face and leave it to corpse! Alternately, gonna sacrifice your flesh to the Force of Medical Knowledge and eat your bones!

Also the book apparently has an entire chapter on medical gavels. For some reason.

Regardless: I think I have my logo.

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